sued tirol wellness hotel spa

New from Christmas 2023

The new spa complex by the water lily pond blends harmoniously with the idyllic landscape of the hamlet Maria Sares:
Earthy natural tones, textured walls and floors, local “moon spruce” harvested during a waning moon, large glass fronts, airy rooms with fine materials and natural textiles.
Spacious saunas, new relaxation areas and, from spring 2024, a heated indoor natural pool

Time for yourself.

Sauna and relaxation paradise.

Freedom and comfort, calm insights, fantastic views, relaxation and adventure. A spa complex that brings the magic of this place and the beauty of nature from the outside to the inside.

On the ground floor the fresh spring water ripples merrily in the stone fountain, and the warm aroma of spices such as star anise and cloves or of alpine-mediterranean herbs such as rosemary and lavender envelops you as soon as you enter.

Stairs lead up to the new adults only (16+) sauna area built entirely from wood. You gaze across the evergreen spruce forest, now shimmering in its winter garb.
Enjoy an authentic sauna experience in the aromatic steam bath, the organic herb sauna, or in the Finnish spruce sauna with infusion rituals and views of nature.

Caresses for the soul.

Relax in a fluffy towelling robe in the two new relaxation areas. While your gaze drifts, your thoughts can wander.
There is a relaxation lounge, a tea bar with inspiring magazines and books, creating space for relaxing conversations or immersion into foreign worlds.
The second relaxation room made from natural spruce with snuggly berths offers space for quiet moments and a sense of warm comfort.

“Sweat well” is the motto when qualified sauna masters infuse pure essential oils from Brunico and create an unforgettable sauna experience for you.

You can enjoy our varied sauna programme 6 times a week and embark on your personal journey through the heat.

New from May 2024: Indoor natural pool

Immerse yourself and drift in warm, naturally soft water: the indoor natural pool is treated ecologically with ozone and light, and uses virtually no chemicals such as chlorine. This saves water and energy.

The oxygen enriched water softly envelops your skin, delighting enthusiasts of all natural things, as it prevents the usual swimming pool side-effects such as dry, irritated skin and red eyes.

Yoga surrounded by nature.

New from Christmas 2023: two unique airy panoramic yoga rooms.

Laid with natural wooden floors made from local larch and oak, high-quality yoga equipment and large glass fronts offering views of the peaks of Vedrette di Ries and the hamlet of Maria Sares.

Here, it is particularly easy to get down to the yoga mat and for body and soul to find themselves.

New from winter 2023/24: daily yoga sessions with our qualified yoga teacher Magdalena Tauber, a member of the host family, and the Saalerwirt yoga team.