Inspired by the history and beauty of our landscape, we have created a holistic programme to promote your vitality, to experience nature anew, and to celebrate joy and fun.

Take time out from everyday life:
– in our natural swimming pond
– in our nature SPA with natural beauty products by VITALIS Dr. Joseph and Alpienne
– with our weekly yoga programs in our yoga panorama room or on yoga terrace in the forest

Relax in our bathhouse with spacious saunas and panoramic relaxation rooms with a view of the water lily pond. Enjoy the precious peace and quiet in the idyllic Maria Saalen forest.

Take time out… just be.

The bathhouse.

The new spa complex by the water lily pond blends harmoniously with the idyllic landscape of the hamlet Maria Sares:
Earthy natural tones, textured walls and floors, local “moon spruce” harvested during a waning moon, large glass fronts, airy rooms with fine materials and natural textiles.

This is how our new, spacious sauna and relaxation areas present themselves.

Sauna & bathing.

Enjoy nature with all your senses. Harmony for nature, for us, for ever – in our sauna building by the forest with nature SPA and natural swimming pond.

We have deliberately opted for a natural SPA area.
In a sustainable manner and in harmony with nature, we use resources such as water and energy very sparingly. This harmony with nature, our team and our guests makes our small nature and yoga hotel your place of energy.
Relax in our organic herb sauna, our Finnish sauna or our steam bath.

DAY-SPA offer.

The taste of holidays…

Be a guest in the new spa complex by the water lily lake for a day:

Swim lengths in the refreshing organic swimming pond or float in the heated indoor nature pool, sun yourself on the bathing jetty or relax in the cozy berths, enjoy the heat of saunas and breathe in the scent of the natural pure essential oils during our daily sauna infusions.

Would you like to dive even deeper? Combine your day spa with a soothing massage or end your relaxing day with a chilled dinner in our restaurant.

Day Spa: 59€
Relax in the new spa complex with a spacious 16+ sauna area, daily sauna infusions and heated indoor natural pool. Organic swimming pond with bathing jetty, sun deck and sunbathing lawn.

Day spa with massage: 125€
Would you relax and truly unwind? Then treat yourself to your day spa day including head to toe massage with individual organic essential oils.

Day spa with dinner: 99€
Would you like to complete your day spa with a cosy evening? Look forward to a 4-course menu from our head chef Stefan and his team! Gabriel Tauber will be happy to recommend the best wine for the meal.

Restaurant: Hot À LA CARTE CUISINE from 12 to 2 pm and 7 to 9 pm.

Nachmittags: Enjoy homemade cakes and ice cream on our sun terrace.


Which needs are truly important?
At the Saalerwirt, we invite you to approach nature the gentle way.
As environmentally conscious hosts, we have chosen a very special natural swimming pond and designed it regeneratively.

Supplied with its own water from our Saalerwirt spring, the organic natural swimming pond offers bathing temperatures of 18° -24° C in summer, while in the cooler seasons dipping into the cool water is a refreshing and enjoyable way to cool down.
This makes our natural swimming pond a valuable source of energy for you. Simply feel what is good for you and for nature.

Indoor Pool.

Immerse yourself and drift in warm, naturally soft water: the indoor natural pool is treated ecologically with ozone and light, and uses virtually no chemicals such as chlorine. This saves water and energy.

The heat is provided by our wood chip heating system, fuelled with wood from the “Saalerwirt” forest.

The oxygen enriched water softly envelops your skin, delighting enthusiasts of all natural things, as it prevents the usual swimming pool side-effects such as dry, irritated skin and red eyes.

Nature Spa.

Enjoy massages or beauty treatments with natural products by Team Dr. Joseph from Brunico.

Experience our outdoor Kneipp area, try forest bathing on the barefoot path, dive into our natural swimming pond or pool and relax in one of our our panoramic relaxation rooms or on the sunbathing lawns.

Face and Beauty.

The pores are refined and the tissue purified for a visibly cleansed
and even complexion.

50′ 85€

Intensive care facial treatment with an immediate effect
by infiltrating the active ingredients for a radiant complexion!

80’ 115€

Natural high-tech power with an ulimative pampering program
especially for men.

50’ 85€

Facial treatment with a wow effect:
innovative ultrasound frequencies with natural active ingredients
for visibly rejuvenated and smoother skin

50‘ 95€


For an awake and radiant look:
The skin is strengthened and tightened,
dryness and puffiness are reduced.

 25‘ 42€

Eyebrow shaping and tinting, eyelash tinting, eye care

 25‘ 38€

Individual cleaning and care of the hands including nail polish.

 50‘ 58€

Holistic care ritual for velvety soft and healthy feet

with polish 50‘ 58€

without polish 60‘ 65€

Health and Detox.

Physical balance and mental harmony:
the whole person we encounter the whole person.
The pressure point massage relieves tension in the feet
and strengthens the immune system

50’ 79€

Pure bee honey from Maria Saalen is used, which unfolds its natural effect as an antiseptic and vitamin donor. Strengthens the whole organism, loosens adhesions and has a detoxifying effect.

50’ 82€

Innovative impulse technology, fascia cupping and highly effective natural products have a decongestive effect, visibly reduce cellulite and firm the connective tissue.

50’ 79€

Liberating and moving:
gentle mobilization and stretching to balance the body’s statics.
The treatment is carried out comfortably clothed

50‘ 82€

BIO mountain herb stamps are heated in steam, valuable plant extracts are
plant extracts are absorbed during the regenerating massage and tighten the connective tissue.

80′ 115€

While the warm liver compress, refined with alpine herbs,
is applied, the lymph and reflex points on the feet are activated.
For mental lightness and a noticeable detox feeling!

50‘ 82€

The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly: your body dissolves and a completely new one emerges. Feel like a newborn: the honey and pine body scrub removes old flakes of skin and harmonizes the pH value. The precious, nourishing Swiss stone pine honey massage and the sounds of Tibetan bowls rebalance body and mind.

50′ 85€

80′ 115€

Fascia technique and deep kneading specifically relax the high muscle tone.

50′ 79€

Relax and Balance

Who hasn’t always wanted to dive into a fluffy,
soft cloud cloud and breathe the sky?
The Ultner sheep’s wool bath is a caressing dance for the soul,
has a de-stressing and nourishing with natural wool wax lanolin

50’ 105€

Wonderful treatment with fascia techniques,
deep heat and singing bowls for an energized back.

50’ 79€

I exhale and find deep peace,
free from circling thoughts with relaxed and light shoulders.

50‘ 79€

Let yourself be carried by weightlessness:
Mindful, flowing strokes create space to say goodbye
to the old and align body and mind with the new.

80’ 125€

Grounding lava stones, fragrant chakra oils and extensive strokes:
An inner warmth and sense of security spread.

50´ 85€

80´ 115€

Carried and connected with the big picture:
Smoked resins, singing bowls and gentle touches
make you clear and free inside.

50‘ 79€

You choose your individual BIO aromatic oil,
which is heated for this pampering full body massage.

50‘ 75€
80‘ 105€

Soothing massage for a relaxed back and neck.

25’ 38€