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15/07 - 18/07/2021 - Yoga & hotel from € 397

Awareness by coming in contact with yourself

Gentle-Yoga (for beginners and advanced students) is designed for people, who want to open up to the vast treasure of yoga and who want to go deeper. By being aware of our body, while practicing body postures and breathing techniques, we want to come closer to our true self. Yoga helps us to acknowledge the patterns of our mind and thoughts and to calm them down. This can lead to an ongoing more healthy, lighter and satisfied life.


  • 3 nights including breakfast buffet and evening menu with vegetarian choice
  • Awareness by coming in contact with yourself: 9 hours gentle yoga with Karin Furtmeier
Thursday  16.45 - 18.15 Gentle-Yoga Practice                                 

07.30 - 09.00 Gentle-Yoga Practice

16.45 - 18.15 Breathing techniques and meditation


07.30 - 09.00 Gentle-Yoga Praxis

16.45 - 18.15 Breathin techniques and Yoga Philosophy


07.30 - 09.00 Gentle Yoga Praxis



  • All classes will be conducted bilingual (german/english)
  • The health yoga is for any level: with variations, experienced people get new impulses and beginners find a suitable approach to yoga
  • High quality yoga accessories are available: yoga mats, blankets, pads, straps and yoga bolsters


During the day there is the possibility to book a one-to-one yoga class with a therapeutical approach. Whatever your requirements are, physically, mentally or emotionally, we will work individually on a deep level. € 60

I am very much looking forward to our journey of discovery.


 Yoga der Achtsamkeit mit Karin Furtmeier beim Saalerwirt in Südtirol

Karin Furtmeier 
is a medically approved certified Yoga Teacher and shamanic Practitioner as well as an author of various books on Yoga and Awareness. Her yoga path started more than 20 years ago. Since 15 years she is teaching around the globe. After many intense studies, primarily in India, her focus lies in the individual approach and support of her students. Herewith she is following her teacher Sri Krishnamacharya. Over 8000 contact hours helps her to go deeper into the student's needs. Her Yoga is a combination of classical Yoga, spirituality, energetical work and a therapeutical approach. In the one-on-one classes she dives deep into the imbalances due to illness (on a mental, emotional or physical level) and tries to bring forth healing together with the client. 

She encounters everyone with full attention, devotion and love.

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