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A Room in the heart of Nature.

Airy and free. Light and open. Made of natural wood and glass. With a view of the mountains. Take a deep breath and relax. Here you listen to your inner stillness and the twittering of birds from outside.


It's true, yoga can be done anywhere, but when we are surrounded by beautiful things, it is even more fun to practice. Our yoga room lies in protected seclusion only a few metres from the water lily pond. Here you can practise quietly and undisturbed, surrounded by meadows, larches and spruce. High quality accessories such as mats, belts, blocks, blankets and bolsters are available throughout your yoga classes.


Yoga panorama room

5 - 6 times a week you can participate at the yoga classes free of charge with our certified yoga teachers. For your personal practice you find your own yoga mat in your room. So shift down a gear and let your yoga holiday in South Tyrol start gently: come to the  yoga terrace to meditate or simply sit down and listen to the soothing  sounds around you.


Yoga terrace in the forest

For all those who prefer to practise outside, there you can roll out your mat on our yoga terrace made of natural larch wood. Relax several metres above everyday lifedeeply connected to the earth and with a view at the treetops of the birch and larch all around. 


Experience yoga vacation moments

"Together we walk in a few minutes and in meditative silence up to the yoga terrace, where the first rays of sun wait for us. We roll out our mats on the larch wood and start the morning yoga class with gentle breathing exercises and mobilizations. Surrounded by treetops, twittering of birds and silence, I feel carried and held by the bigger picture. Even the peacefully grazing horses are watching us... Well stretched and full of energy, we return to the Saalerwirt, where the fragrant smell of coffee and a wonderful breakfast outside under apple trees wait for us. "


For a more intensive yoga holiday: several times a year we hold special yoga retreats with international teachers for small groups of  up to 14 people


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