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  • Saalerwirt: Ihr Yoga Hotel in Südtirol, umgeben von Bergen üben, mitten in der Natur, Drei Zinnen, Dolomiten, Pustertal

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  • Saalerwirt Yoga Backward Bend in the Nature, Yogaretreat in den Bergen

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Feel the Inner Power with Yoga.

"When once the flame of yoga has been lit, it never goes out. The more intensively you practise, the brighter the flame becomes." B.K.S. Iyengar

Translated yoga means "to harness" and can be understood as union or integration. This means the harnessing of the body to the soul to become one with consciousness.

In simple terms yoga means the connection and harmony of body, mind and soul. Union occurs when all thoughts and feelings come together. Yoga is a philosophical Indian system, which includes mental and physical exercises and can also show a spiritual path.

These basic principles were compiled in the Yogasutra mainly by Patanjali, a scholar and yoga master who lived somewhere between 500 BC to 500 AD.


Yoga refreshes us and helps to quieten our thoughts...

Yoga also works in many balancing and positive ways on our bodies: it alleviates tension, head and back pain,  reduces stress through a lower cortisol level, improves sleep quality and concentration, lowers the heart frequency, builds strength, flexibility and perseverance, stabilises the hormone and immune systems, it increases the lung capacity, improves digestion, and it lowers the blood pressure and improves blood circulation.


Our Tips for your Everyday Yoga Routine

Magdalena Tauber: During a trip to India I met Karin Furtmeier who became an invaluable companion and later my yoga teacher. I often enjoy browsing her books, especially "Achtsamkeit - Bewusste Momente Leben", "Essential Yoga" and "Now!"


Our comfortable yoga bolsters are made of natural materials and filled with kapok plant fibres. Whether you use them for your mindful yoga practice or simply as a beuatiful decorative cushion, they can be ordered from Ute Marek in Hamburg in many different colours.


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