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Wine tasting within ancient walls


Massive stone walls, wooden beams supporting the ceiling and centuries old traces of time: Breathe in the history and give your full attention to the wines during our weekly wine tastings.

A single glance into the historic cellar of the main house is enough to give you an idea how very special this small place is. A place, which, besides its ancient tales, stores the lovingly home-made supplies of the house. Preserved apricots from the trees just behind the house, cherries, each one hand-picked and stoned, various kinds of jam, compotes, syrups and also one or the other bottles of 'Schnaps', which the landlords and ladies bring out if there is a special event to celebrate...

However,  the cellar is not only a store for all kinds of good things, but also a place to meet in  convivial company – a place to exchange ideas and experiences.

Once a week, Gabriel, passionate wine lover, sommelier and the son of the house,  opens the wine cellar for the guests and an invites them to a very special journey: Wine tasting with selected South Tyrolian quality wines (minimum 4 persons / 15€ per pers).