• Traditionelle Kegelbahn im Südtiroler Gasthaus Saalerwirt am Kronplatz

    Tradition bowling lane

  • Terrasse-Abends

  • Terrasse-Kegelbahn

  • Service-Kathi

  • Terrasse-Kuh

What have chickens in common with romance? Nothing. Or maybe...?

The magic of the place is noticeable already as you approach Maria Saalen. The feeling of romance is almost overwhelming.

While within the old walls and in the new nature rooms, the feeling is of peacefulness and strength, outside there reigns an extraordinary feeling of sanctuary.

Outdoors is a unique experience, whether you are walking through the meadows or sitting on the terrace and simply letting your gaze wander. You can take in the contours of each hill, every summit, each detail of the landscape, children playing, cows grazing, horses in the paddock and free-ranging chickens that have never seen a cage. Everything, including the sounds that penetrate the silence, forms part of a naturally romantic bigger picture.

The terrace is a popular place for our guests to watch this performance, where only the here and now counts: spending time there in spring and summer under the warming rays of the sun, or in the shade of the fruit trees; while in winter, despite the cold, guests sit on sheepskin rugs awaiting the last of the evening glow over the mountains.