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Nature wellness in our forest wellness area

The sauna house and Nature SPA are located by the private water-lily pond, just a few metres from the Hotel. Enjoy specific treatments, massages, sauna sessions and yoga. Take some time off - for yourself and your own well-being.


  • Finnish pine sauna, BIO-herb sauna and aromatic steam bath, daily from 3 p.m.
  • Natural swimming pond with water temperatures between 18° and 24°, sun terrace and meadow
  • Kneipp basins with barefoot way and celtic tree circle in the woods close to the sauna
  • Several times a week sauna infusions with essential organic scents from South Tyrol
  • Open fire place with warming sheepskins
  • Quiet relax rooms with cozy blankets, fruits, organic herbal tea and SPA library
  • Natural body products from the team Dr. Joseph Vitalis and Alpienne
  • Loden bag with cozy towels and bathrobes for your stay
  • Yoga mat in your room
  • 5 - 6 times a week various yoga lessons with our certified yoga teachers
  • Yoga room with panoramic view with equipment for your personal fitness
  • Yoga platform in the wood
  • For bookings of 7 nights or more you will receive a wellness voucher of € 30,- per room to redeem at a SPA treatment of your choice


Book your wellness treatments in our Nature SPA

Saunahaus mitten in der Natur: den Schneeflocken zusehen
Aufguss, Sauna Day Spa genießen, Saalerwirt Saunahaus mit Schwimmteich
Feuerschale Day Spa Saalen, Day Spa Südtirol

Simply forget the world: We all recognise that the right balance between active life and regeneration is important - especially when our resources reach their limits. We need a break to restore our energy levels and strengthen our immune systems.

The finnish sauna is heated to 80-90°C and offers a dry ambience: it stimulates the circulation, helps detoxification, nourishes the skin and clears the airways. The aromatic steam bath, heated to 45-55°C, has a humidity of over 90% and is a very relaxing, fragrant experience, offering dry rather than moist heat. The herbal sauna has a moderate temperature of 60-70°C, relaxing and cleansing the skin while clearing the airways.


The two quiet areas, the "Silent Room" and the "Recuperation Room", are ideal places to relax in a soft bathrobe after a sauna, enjoying the warmth, letting your thoughts drift and allowing the view of the summits of the Rieserferner group and the bathing pond to soothe your mind. Nothing counts except the moment.


The sauna house also contains the Saalen Nature SPA and our yoga room.