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Hands that empathise …


Our Spa Program is consciously developed on the basis of effective, holistic treatments.

The energetic massages, innovative facila treatments and health-conscious body treatments are individually "tailored" to your wishes and requirements. We will be happy to welcome you.


  • Here you can book appointments for your desired treatments from the comfort of your own home.
  • Bookings from 7 or more nights includes a SPA-voucher of € 30 per room
  • High-quality care products from our Nature Hightech Products Team Dr. Joseph for your daily beauty & wellness ritual

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" When we do the things we love, we give from the heart, are guided by our souls and led by the Universe. "

Natural Cosmetics


Team & Vitalis Dr Joseph | Hightech meets Nature

Internationally successful and at home in South Tyrol, nature comes first for VITALIS Dr. Joseph: "Our aim is to refine natural active ingredients with the latest micro-rechnological methods, and bring them together in harmony with traditional knowledge into holistic prouducts and treatments."


Alpienne | The power of the Alps

Alpienne is a tale, which is literally told through flowers. It starts in a remote Alpine valley, the Ötztal... “We search for, gather and process the most potent wild-growing medicinal plants and use them to create traditional alpine healing treatments.”

Face and Beauty

// Detox face treatment for him and her

Deep pore cleansing and optimal moisturisation for a visibly fresh, smooth complexion.

50' 78€

// Lifting face treatment for him and her

Ultrasonic frequencies allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, so strengthening it to the maximum. Rejuvenated radiance through visibly smoother and firmer skin.

50’ 92€

// Repair face treatment

Active ingredients with effective antioxidants and a firming pampering massage activate repair functions and collagen production during this intensive facial treatment. For a healthy, deeply moisturised and radiant skin.

80’ 104€

// Hands and feet

An exceptional care ritual with manicure or pedicure, with or without nail varnish, natural peeling and moisturising pack.

manicure or pedicure   50‘ 52€

manicure and pedicure 80‘ 92€

Health and Therapy

// Intensive back massage

Massage with Arnica sports balm, fascia cupping, deep warmth treatment with a hot roll, and singing bowls. The perfect combination for an energised back with improved spine dynamics.

50’ 72€

// Sports massage

A deep massage with fascial techniques, stretching and mobilisation help release tensions and blockages.

50’ 72€

// Straightening of the spinal column

This holistic treatment developed by Maximillian Huber releases blocked joints in an effective and targeted way, thus bringing the body static into balance. You feel liberated, upright and mobile. Treatment is carried out on the clothed body.

50’ 82€                                                                                                                         

// Physio Key treatment

Biofeedback impulses balance the vegetative nervous system, strengthen the body's defences and show the body a way to heal itself. The aim of the therapy is rapid pain relief and functional improvement. Contraindication: pacemaker.

50‘ 72€

// Foot reflexology

The whole human being meets us in the foot. His body and his soul. Foot reflexology can alleviate numerous ailments throughout the body. Massage points on the soles of the feet act on certain parts of the body and bring the organism into balance.

50' 74€

// Firming cellulite massage

Fascia cupping with activating oils and a special impulse technique activate blood circulation in the connective tissues and promote lymph drainage. Efficient and visible tautening of the skin with special cellulite final care.

50‘ 72€

// Holistic detox treatment

Wonderfully purifying treatment with the know-how of detoxifying reflex zones and active ingredients such as zeolite, grapefruit, coriander and honey. Supports the body's natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances, brings mental ease and a holistic detox feeling! With foot bath, liver wrap, colon and foot zone massage.

50' 82€

Relax and Balance

// Head and neck massage

Sensitive hand movements release tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas, activation of the respiratory points supports deep breathing. The head & neck massage clears the mind, allows pleasant relaxation and enables you to switch off repetitive or stressful thoughts.

50’ 72€

// Hot stone

Energetic strokes, fragrant chakra oils and the massage with warm lava stones relax the whole body and bring the energy centres into balance.

50’ 72€

// From head to foot

For this special full body massage we warm up your individually selected BIO-organic aromatic oil. Enjoy a new form of deep well-being and body awareness.

50‘ 68€

80‘ 98€

// Express back massage

Soothing massage for a relaxed back and neck.

25’ 38€

// Inner balance

Supported by and connected to the great Oneness, internally clear and free: incense with natural resins, gently fragrant chakra oils, precious stones on your energy centres, back strokes and the harmonising sounds of Tibetan singing bowls.

50 72€

// Back to the roots

Vitalising and simultaneously grounding massage with warm herbal poultices. The organic mountain herbs are steam-heated, the beneficial plant extracts tone the connective tissues, promote blood circulation and deeply regenerate the muscles.

50‘ 78€

80‘ 108€

// Metamorphosis: honey and Swiss stone pine

The Swiss stone pine and honey bodyscrub removes dead skin cells, balances the pH value and activates the skin's own protection. Wrapped up in a cosy warmth, body and mind are reoriented to the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. The Swiss stone pine honey massage with extracts of honeycomb and propolis exhilarates with its scent.

50‘ 82€

80‘ 102€

// Lomi - Lomi Nui

Letting go of the old, becoming free and open to to the new that is to come. The Lomi-Lomi Nui massage promotes deep relaxation and is an ideal physical, mental and spiritual cleansing ritual. Special forearm techniques, extensive flowing touches and warm oils make this special massage an unforgettable experience.

75' 120€