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Hands that listen ...


Our Spa Program does not follow any wellbeing trends and is consciously developed on the basis of effective, holistic treatments.

Our energetic massages, innovative facila treatments and health-conscious body treatments are individually "tailored" to your wishes and requirements. Take time for your wellbeing - take time for yourself. We will be happy to advise you.

" When we do the things we love, we give from the heart, are guided by our souls and led by the Universe. "

Hightech meets Nature


Internationally successful and at home in South Tyrol, nature comes first for VITALIS Dr. Joseph:

"Our aim is to refine natural active ingredients with the latest micro-rechnological methods, and bring them together in harmony with traditional knowledge into holistic prouducts and treatments. Mutual support and promotion, in cooperation with plants, nature, ancient know-how and modern technology make us a synergistic collaboration. "


All face treatments include lymph massage, skin diagnosis, scrub, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, eyebrow shaping upon request, serum, mask and daily care.

// Intense purifying face treatment

A deep cleansing and optimal hydration. Your skin? Pure and delicate. Your face? Beaming. How you feel? Clear and full of energy.

50’ 72 € + Ultrasonic Lifting Upgrade 15 €

// Cellular recreation face treatment

A thorough skin diagnosis is used to create the ideal combination of ingredients for you. A wonderful treatment with highly effective intensive care and facial massage for a healthy, wellkept appearance.

80’ 97 € + Ultrasonic Lifting Upgrade 15 €

// Advanced BIO lifting face treatment

The holistic maximum program with bioenergetic flowerpouch and lifting massage - individualized and effective. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment to support the natural ability of your skin to self-regulate. Well-being and enhanced skin vitality are all tangible results.

110’ 132 €

// Express power for men

Powerful, close to nature, efficient! Natural high-tech power for

a dynamic and well-kept appearance.

50’ 72 € + Ultrasonic Lifting Upgrade 15 €

// Ultrasonic facial lift treatment

Let yourself experience a completely new process, for a more youthful look. Natural, active substances are safely deposited in deeper layers of your skin, with the help of ultrasonic frequencies. The potential of these substances can develop fully, and the skin is stabilized in-depth to a maximum extent. The immediate and visible effect is a smoother, firmer skin. To maintain the wow-effect for as long as possible, we recommend booking the treatments as a package.

50’ 87 € + 80‘ 112 €


// Reconstructive back treatment

Lasting relaxation for your back with a massage individually tailored to you, hot wraps with highly effective natural active ingredients. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine.

50’ 68 €

// Head and neck massage

This special massage with powerfully effective plant extracts gently releases tensions in the head, neck and shoulder area. The deep contact ensures a pleasant relaxation which allows you to switch off from the stress of everyday life.

50’ 68 €

// Herbal pouch massage

This is a powerful full-body treatment including head massage with precious natural oils and select herbal blends. The herbal stamps are patted over your body intensively, with gentle pressure. This stimulating technique helps to relieve stress and bring you vitality.

80’ 97 €                                                                                                                                            

// Aroma oil massage

Effective, holistic, traditional. The modulated massage techniques, in combination with the selected aromatic oils release muscular tension. Discover a new, deep sense of well-being.

Body 50’ 64 €   Back 25‘ 37 €

// Physio-Key-Biorgulation

In this completely personalized treatment we meet your individual needs and wishes. Manual massage techniques, cupping, individualised mobilisation techniques, and the use of Physio-Key-Bioregulation effectively alleviate tension, physical complaints and mobility restrictions.

50’ 72 €   25‘ 39 €

// Hot stone massage

Enjoy exceptionally deep heat and fragrant aroma oils in this stone massage - primal power for your body and soul.

50’ 68 €

// Dynamic feet and legs massage

Do you spend the whole day on your feet? Pamper yourself with a deep earthy leg treatment that loosens the tissue and brings back the blood circulation. For healthy and recovered feet and legs.

50’ 68 €

// Foot reflexology massage and singing bowls

Earthing and lightfootedness: This intensive pressure massage stimulates the reflex zones on the soles of the feet and encourages detoxification of the body. The singing bowls clear your head of unwelcome thoughts. Deep, strengthening and harmonising.

50’ 68 €


// Straightening the spinal column

Upright and free: The spine is our centre! This holistic treatment developed by Maximilian Huber gently and effectively loosens restricted joints through stretching and special techniques, and balances the body structure. You feel liberated, upright and mobile. Comfortable clothing is worn during the treatment. Who is it for and why? For babies (2 weeks to around 6 months) after a difficult birth and for children of 6

and over, especially those with concentration difficulties. It is ideal for young people and adults to prevent poor posture possibly resulting in chronic back pain, sleep problems, vertigo and recurring headaches.

Adults 50’ 80 €   Baby & Child 25‘ 39 €

// Inner balance chakra treatment

A free spirit and relaxed body will help you to center yourself. Lightly scented, pure chakra oils, singing bowls and gemstones on your energy centers promote deep relaxation.

50’ 68€

// Firming body treatment

Specially active substances combined with innovative massage techniques stimulate the metabolism and support the lymphatic activity. An individual dry scrub with a copper and linen glove tonifies the tissue and an activating roll pluck massage gives the tissue new energy.

50’ 68 €

// Detox cellulite-program

Experience a unique and effective treatment for a long-term and visible alleviation of the signs of cellulite: an invigorating body exfoliation, a stimulating cupping treatment and a modulated cellulite massage. To reinforce the effects, we recommend that you combine the cellulite program with a seaweed bath.

50’ 72 €   80‘ 97 €

// Aroma salt scrub

Intensive Tenderness: This full-body scrub with aromatic massage oil and salt from the mountains supports the rejuvenation of your skin, promotes tissue metabolism, and makes your skin silky smooth. For an intense, fresh feeling.

25’ 39 €

// Linen glove body scrub

This deep-cleansing an stimulating dry scrub with potent essences supports your metabolism for a clear and radiant complexion. Ideal for sensitive skin.

25‘ 37 €

// Stand firm - Your feet

An extraordinary care ritual for your feet: Enjoyable foot bath, soothing massage and spa pedicure with nail polish.

50’ 52 €

// Body wraps

// Deep Alpine Strength: Detoxifying Bath with Alpine Mud, deep, strong care, natural and powerful.

// Effective Beauty: Happy aging and pure regeneration with wine grapes and sea buckthorn, slip into a new skin.

// Bundled Energy: Feel the invigorating power of the sun plants. The power of the active ingredients, arnica and St. John's wort, reduces stress, relieves tension and brings new fitness.

25' 39 €  +massage 50' 72 €

Packages 10%

// Deep Relax

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Head and neck massage

100' 122 €

// Vitality

  • Dynamic feet and legs massage
  • Body wrap with arnica
  • Reconstructive back treatment

125' 158 €

// Detox

  • Cellulite-program 80min
  • Firming body treatment
  • Cellulite product for home use

130' 184 €