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Getting to Maria Saalen, an idyllic place steeped in tradition.

The magic of the place is noticeable even as you approach along the winding road, first through forest, then past meadows.

After the final bend, the village comes into sight together with the historic Hotel Saalerwirt, one of the oldest in the Alpine region, and close to it the pilgrimage chapel. The original building fabric preserved in the interior and the antique furnishings bear witness to its long-established traditions. Original pinewood panels dating from 1730 embellish the "Stuben" or snug rooms. Guests have a sensation of both peacefulness and strength upon entering the hotel.

The pilgrimage chapel of "Unsere Liebe Frau von Loreto" dates from the 17th century and is still a popular destination for walkers and supplicants: the pilgrimage procession is celebrated in September each year, with smaller weddings held here on certain Saturday afternoons in the spring and autumn.

It is fascinating experience for many of our guests to witness such traditional customs in the Gasthof Saalerwirt. In the early evening, peace returns to Maria Saalen and the starry night sky restores the contemplative mood.