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How wonderfully simple life can be.

There are places that are scarcely touched by the world's restlessness.

It simply passes them by, as if it had better things to do. These small, undiscovered, silent locations are valuable spots in which to relax, recover and recuperate. The hamlet of Maria Saalen, a well-known place of pilgrimage at the entrance to South Tyrol's Val Badia, has remained virtually untouched for centuries: the "Saalerwirt", a 13thcentury country inn, our own farm, the pilgrimage chapel of Maria Saalen and the beautiful natural pond. To this can be added another guesthouse, as well as the "imHaus", recently built according to ecological principles with reduced-radiation rooms and apartments all furnished with natural materials. Together they form an idyllic "holiday village", an Alpine refuge in which to relax and slow down.

Simplicity and naturalness are our specialities.